Interviews and other Stuff
"Devotional Poetry" panel discussion with poets Tacey Atsitty, Jacqueline Osherow, Michael Sowder, and me at the Utah State Poetry Festival, April 2021.
Video: my panel presentation for the Center for Latter-Day Saint Arts with Susan Elizabeth Howe on How Faith Enters Poetry.
My interview with Inscape journal.
My interview with Mattathias Westwood for his blog, Mattathias Reads the World.
Read "Why I Write for Mormons"
My poetry reading at BYU's English Reading Series, spring 2020
See me read rather awkwardly at a poetry slam for the Association for Mormon Letters.
Hear Lara Craner read my poem "How Long" the way it is supposed to be read. (I wish I could have her read all my work for me.)
Tyler Chadwick's very nice thoughts about "How Long."
Hear Jim Richards read my poem "Angels of Mercy" here, and then read the fantastic poem he wrote in response here.
An old interview with my beloved Segullah journal.
And another interview with Segullah's Melonie Canon, this one a podcast.
And a very old interview with William Morris of Motley Vision.